A healthy, resilient river Severn for everyone

We are an independent environmental charity set up in 2008 to protect and enhance the river Severn, its tributaries and streams. The Severn Rivers Trust is the only organisation working from source to sea, in both England and Wales, along the length of the UK’s longest river.

We are an action-based charity, determined to play our role in the recovery of this great river catchment. We specialise in ecology, landscape, and learning initiatives that contribute to our mission.

Our staff have an intimate understanding of the region and the needs of the freshwater environments. We have ‘boots on the ground’ working with farmers and land managers, local authorities, community groups and schools, delivering at a local level, with tangible, catchment-wide impacts.

Restoring our rivers

We are removing barriers to fish migration to reconnect river habitat. We are creating more natural river flows by 're-wiggling' straightened channels, and installing woody debris into streams.

Recovering our land

Our team are restoring and creating habitat mosaics at a catchment scale including; wetlands, riparian woodlands and floodplain meadows. We provide advice to farmers and incentivise regenerative agriculture practices.

Empowering our communities

We’re mobilising volunteers to take action for their local water environment through citizen science monitoring and practical conservation opportunities. Our inspiring learning programmes are designed to upskill and empower the next generation of river guardians.

Our Services

Our friendly team of river experts offer a range of services including Biodiversity Net Gain, ecological surveys, and woodland creation schemes. Find out more.

Our Team

Meet our team! Find out more about the work of each team, and the different roles within the trust. Our work is organised across four divisions: 

  • Operations Team
  • Development Team 
  • Community Engagement Team 
  • Finance and Administration Team 

Alice Fallon

Head of Community Engagement

Alice Moore

Volunteering Officer

Alison Wilkes

Catchment Restoration Officer – Lower Teme

Becky Owens

Woodland Advisor

Becky Titchard

River Engagement Officer

Caroline Cook

River Learning Officer

Cecilia Young

Catchment Restoration Officer Upper Severn

Charlotte Davies

Catchment Assistant

Dewi Morris

Catchment Restoration Officer Severn Uplands

Duncan Gray

Farm Advisor

Ed Noyes

Senior Fisheries Officer/PhD

Farzana Azad

River Learning Officer

Imogen Rutter

Catchment Restoration Officer – Warwickshire Avon

Isobel Johnson

River Engagement Officer

Jacob Loughran

Catchment Assistant

Jen Wharf

Head of Finance

Jo Ainsworth

Programme Manager (Middle Severn)

Joe Pimblett

Chief Executive Officer

Kate Ashley

River Engagement Officer

Kieron Roberts

Assistant Catchment Restoration Officer

Liam Reynolds

Head of Development

Liz Wise

Finance Officer

Lloyd Cockram

Ecosystem Services Lead

Lois Waite

River Intern (North)

Matt Marston

Progamme Manager (Upper Severn)

Rob Wilcocks

Catchment Restoration Officer - Severn Vale

Sophie Bloor

Assistant Farm Advisor

Stuart Ballard

River Learning Officer

Therese Goulbourne

Admin Officer

Thomas Hartland Smith

Senior Catchment Restoration Officer

Our trustees

Our volunteer Trustees bring a wealth of experience and expertise to support and lead the Severn Rivers Trust. Our Trustees come from a variety of backgrounds including river specialisms, academia, finance and industry. Interested in becoming a trustee? Please get in touch with us to find out more about available roles.

Strategic targets

We have set ourselves ambitious targets for the Severn’s rivers. Download our 2025 Vision to read about our plans including woodland creation, fish passage improvement and community engagement.

Partners and Funding

We work in collaboration with a huge range of partner organisations including government bodies, charities and businesses. Partnership working allows us to unlock more opportunities and have a greater impact for rivers and communities.

Our income comes from donations, projects, partners and grants to help fund our work to improve river environments.

Support the Severn Rivers Trust

We rely on donations to help fund our work to restore and protect the Severn’s rivers. Your donation will help support real river improvements across the Severn region.