Our rivers

Our rivers

Spanning 220miles, 2 countries and 8 counties, the geography of the Severn catchment is sometimes difficult to comprehend. From bubbling springs and waterfalls to steep sided gorges and urban waterways; from fast flowing upland streams, to large meandering rivers and intertidal estuary, there is great diversity in land use, ecology and human influence. We work across it all.

Describing such a complex and vast landscape is a challenge. To help with this, the Severn catchment can be split into six distinct sub-catchments areas, each with its own distinct ecological and landscape priorities.

With support from the Environment Agency, each of these regions have an active Catchment Partnership, hosted by Severn Rivers Trust, with a remit to galvanise organisations together to share knowledge, expertise and develop ambitious new initiatives.

From the source of our rivers to the sea, across our towns, cities, countryside and coasts a healthy water environment is essential to all of us. It provides us with the water we need to live and to run our businesses efficiently. It reduces the risk to our homes and livelihoods of flooding. A healthy water environment means better places to live, where people and wildlife flourish.

There are six catchment partnerships in our region hosted by Severn Rivers Trust. Explore our interactive map and the catchment pages to find out more about each catchment area.

Our catchments

Worcestershire Middle Severn

Warwickshire Avon

Upper Severn

Shropshire Middle Severn

Severn Vale

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