Is your business in the Severn region?

We are building links to create a network of local businesses, who can help us towards our mission. We are open minded as to how we collaborate, recognising different organisations have different requirements when it comes to charitable relationships.

Here are some examples of how we are working with businesses in the region:

  • River care activities for the workforce – Giving your staff the opportunity to get hands on and make a positive contribution to our work, whilst benefiting from building relationships outside of their usual workplace in an inspiring and fun environment.
  • Woodland sponsorship – Creating woodlands that provide valuable wildlife habitat and supporting businesses in meeting their own carbon reduction objectives.
  • Family action days – Supporting our community engagement team to deliver fun and inspiring days for families from local communities.
  • Bespoke project sponsorship – Helping us fund vital habitat improvements on our rivers, for example restoring wetlands, renaturalising the course of rivers and building fish passes. 

We would be thrilled to discuss what working in partnership with your business might look like. Please get in touch for more information!