‍Our rivers are in trouble and we must act now. Migratory fish populations have declined by a staggering 93% in Europe since 1970. 40% of all rivers in England and Wales are polluted with sewage. A third of water taken from rivers is wasted (through leaks, treatment losses, and in the home).

The river Severn and its streams are being choked by plastics and litter, blocked by dams, diverted by culverts, and poisoned by chemicals, animal waste, even human sewage. Banks are being overrun with invasive knot weed and balsam and eroded by livestock, damaging precious river habitats and increasing the rate of soil loss – a valuable finite resource which we must protect.

The Severn Rivers Trust is a registered independent charity (Charity No 1134096). We rely on grants and support from the public to keep us going.

Every penny that you donate helps us to continue our crucial work restoring the Severn’s rivers.

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£3 is enough to buy a young tree for natural flood defence.

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£5 is enough to give a river learning pack to one child.

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£10 is enough to restock one volunteer’s monitoring kit.

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£25 is enough to provide wetland plants for a new pond.

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£100 is huge! And is enough to set up a community river clean.


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