Sid Singh


A successful entrepreneur who founded and scaled a disruptive pharmaceutical company, based on firm ethical values, while pioneering innovative regulatory and commercial strategies.  Sid led teams in achieving significant business growth, delivering innovation, and overseeing comprehensive research and development programmes.  Sid is an experienced leader with a history of shaping strategic initiatives and driving transformational change within complex corporate landscapes. He is experienced in board-level dynamics, governance best practices, corporate strategy development, and business/organisation development.

In previous roles, Sid worked with State government in India, to develop and deliver  research-based climate resilience flood and river water management initiatives, as well as pioneering sustainable reforestation, biodiversity gain and wastewater  management  programmes.  Working with state government, he created and led a strategic statewide water and wastewater management programme.  He also developed an educational program, fostering collaboration and the sharing of ideas between UK and Indian institutions.