Land management advice

Land management advice

Farm & land management advice

Our team of catchment advisors work with 100’s of farmers and land managers up and down the catchment every year, providing one-to-one farm advice and farm group facilitation support. We are passionate about working with the farming community to secure a resilient future, in which the industry and our environment prospers.

Farm nature investment audits

Our farm audits are a one-stop shop for landowners & land managers seeking to understand the ecological potential of their farm holding and the viability of associated revenue streams available to them to support ecological diversification. Our farm nature investment audits comprise the following three components;

  1. Baseline farm habitat survey
  2. Habitat creation/restoration appraisal and mapping
  3. Financial appraisal considering the full scope of funding opportunties available, from charitable, statutory and private sources.


Agricultural transition and environmental grants

Our team provide support services for clients seeking to pursue applications for government funded Environmental Land Management schemes, including Sustainable Farming Incentive and Countryside Stewardship.