Liam Reynolds

Head of Development

As a keen angler who grew up overlooking the River Severn, I’ve always known my career would somehow revolve around it. Following university, where I studied Aquatic Science, I spent seven years working within the wider Rivers Trust movement and the water industry. I’ve now been with Severn Rivers Trust Since early 2022! I manage SRT’s ecological consultancy arm – Severn Rivers Ecology. This includes overseeing our growing portfolio of ecological and ecosystem services, including Biodiversity+, Severn Woodlands, and our various ecological monitoring services. My main motivation stems from my childhood experiences. Growing up in the midlands, the Severn was to me, what the lake district is to the residents of Windermere. Awe-inspiring. I want to ensure others have the same connection to the river, and it’s incredible physical and ecological diversity, that I’ve always had.