Upper Teme Knighton NFM and Resilient River Teme


The Natural Flood Management and Resilient River Teme project was funded by Powys County Council and the Herritage Fund. Many individual projects were delivered in the Upper Welsh Teme catchment. These were primarily focused on the surrounding hills and streams adjacent to the river Teme.


The Challenge

The town of Knighton and other properties on the Upper Welsh Teme catchment suffer from flooding at times of heavy rainfall. The aim of the project was to put in place natural flood management interventions to reduce the risk of flooding, whilst creating new or enhancing natural habitats.


Aims and Target

  • Prioritise opportunities for NFM interventions.
  • Deliver NFM interventions within funds available.
  • Communicate and share the objectives and achievements to local community members through meetings held in Knighton and 1:1 conversations. Also, with other partners through meetings such as CaBa.


Team Highlight
“During the last heavy flood, I noticed the stream where I live rose and subsided over a longer period than usual and less stone and brash was washed onto my property”
- Local farmer
Start date: October 2020
Completion date: March 2023
Type: Community Outreach, Habitat, Land Management, Soils, Woodland

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