Shipston Natural Flood Management


The River Stour catchment covers 190sq km and consists of 36 tributaries that mainly flow through agricultural land and the town of Shipston on Stour. Many of the tributaries confluence with the river Stour upstream of Shipston creating a bottle neck which contributes to flooding.


Flooding, sedimentation, eutrophication, soil erosion.

Aims & Targets

  • Deliver priority measures (based on recommendations from whole farm plans) within the catchment.
  • Deliver a minimum of 3 whole farm plans to build pipeline of recommendations and provide targeted landowner advice.
  • Deliver a minimum of 2 landowner engagement events to share best practice on land management and promote NFM within the catchment.
Start date: February 2021
Completion date: March 2024
Type: Community Outreach, Land Management, Woodland

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