Rea Brook Natural Flood Management Demonstrator

In progress

The Rea Brook Demonstrator project aims to deliver a range of nature based Natural Flood Management (NFM) schemes, alongside development of a green finance model.

Flooding is a significant problem along the Rea Brook, and particularly within villages located in the catchment and at the Rea – Severn confluence in ShrewsburyThere is a great need to hold water back in the smaller streams, and slow the rate of flow into the rivers. we are working to do this in a way that is compatible with agricultural practice, with farming being the dominant land use in the catchment. We are working with farmers and land managers to develop ways to fund nature based solutions into the future. 

The main aims of the project are:

  • Installation of leaky dams to slow flow within the watercourses
  • Development of wetland scrapes and similar features that can hold water during storm events and allow water to slowly seep out
  • Reconnection of flood plain areas to the rivers to allow an increased area of land for temporary water storage
  • Creation of woodland to increase absorption of rainfall
  • Development of a green finance model for nature based solutions to water resource management.

This project is funded by Severn Valley Water Management Scheme via Shropshire Council


Start date: January 2024
Completion date: December 2026
In progress
Type: Habitat, Land Management, Soils, Water Quality, Woodland

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