Leam Water Environment Improvement Fund


The River Leam catchment is a tributary of the Avon and consists of 9 waterbodies that mainly flow through agricultural land. This project aims to provide farm advice and on-farm delivery of features that reduce run-off into the catchment from agricultural sources.

The challenge

Waterbodies within the catchment are classified as Poor and Moderate largely due to Phosphate run-off. There is considerable issue with sediment run-off, leading to eutrophication, sedimentation and flooding.

Aims & Targets

  • Deliver a minimum of 5 walkovers/ opportunity mapping and provide targeted landowner advice by March 2024.
  • Deliver priority measures (based on recommendations from previous whole farm plans and walkovers) within the catchment by March 2024.
  • Deliver at least one farmer engagement event, and develop the farm cluster/wider engagement to help progress future work in the catchment.
Start date: October 2020
Completion date: March 2024
Type: Community Outreach, Land Management, Soils, Water Quality

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