Kyre Brook Natural Flood Management project

In progress

The project uses a nature-based solutions approach to tackling flood risk within the catchment. The aim is to mimic natural processes, as far as possible, therefore reducing flood risk, but also contributing to a range of local environmental priorities, such as increasing biodiversity, improving water quality and aiding climate objectives.

One cause of flooding is the speed that rainfall reaches the watercourses. This can be helped by ‘slowing the flow’ across the landscape so that the rain does not all reach the streams and rivers at the same time. This scheme will deliver two approaches to flood management:

  1. Increasing the time lag between the highest rainfall and the highest amount of water flowing through the rivers and streams by intercepting and dissipating pathways of water flow across the land. To achieve this, the project will be working with landowners to create new cross-slope hedgerows and buffer strips along the edges of watercourses.
  2. Providing places for water to be captured and held, especially during storm events, providing additional floodwater storage capacity within the catchment. To accomplish this, the project will be working with landowners to create features such as ponds and installation of fixed, large woody debris on watercourses to slow the flow of the water once it is in a stream.


We will also be holding events to demonstrate Natural Flood Management to landowners and the local community.


Delivery of Natural Flood Management in the Kyre Brook catchment, to support Worcestershire County Council in reducing flood risk within the Tenbury Wells community.

Aims & Targets

  • Creation of 15 wetland attenuation features (ponds/scrapes/ swales)
  • 1km of riparian livestock exclusion & planting
  • Planting & fencing 0.5km of cross-slope hedgerows
  • Installation of 1.5km of chop and drop style woody debris dams
Start date: August 2023
Completion date: August 2026
In progress
Type: Habitat, Land Management

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