Open tender – Delivery of stone addition to form features inchannel at the Blue Rock Trail


Severn Rivers Trust are seeking a supplier for the Cinderford Brook Project – Delivery of stone addition to form features inchannel at the Blue Rock Trail – Summer 2024.

Cinderford Brook is located within the Forest of Dean, with its source rising near Mitcheldean and flowing
directly South through Cinderford and down to Blakeney, where it converges with Blackpool Brook.

The entire sub-catchment of Cinderford Brook, which flows through Limestone strata, has been highly modified, thanks to both recent urbanisation and historic industrial practices, most notably coal extraction. Excavations associated with the latter has accentuated what is a natural tendency, for rivers flowing over Limestone, to disappear through subterranean cave systems through periods of low flow. The fact a significant stretch of the brook was lined with mortared stone sets during the period of coal extraction, to reduce water ingress into surrounding coal mines, gives some indication as to the extent of water loss in this system, and further highlights the level of modification.

Furthermore, the above issues are compounded by current water abstraction by Severn Trent Water (STW). Consequently, it is no surprise that the Cinderford Brook has failed to achieve ‘good’ status, in terms of its hydrological regime, since Water Framework Directive monitoring commenced here in 2009. Groundwater abstraction has been specifically identified by the Environment Agency (EA), as a contributory factor in their RNAGS status. It is worth noting that both delivery sites are not main river (ordinary watercourses).

The project intends to help tackle the ecological impacts of low flows within the Cinderford Brook by means of delivery of a multi-year river restoration scheme. This will see a package of restoration methods instigated with the intention of improving hydromorphological conditions and connectivity throughout the catchment, to alleviate the ecological pressures of low flows for the benefit of aquatic biota including fish, invertebrates and macrophytes.

Deadline: June 14th

Location: Upper Soudley, Forest of Dean, Gloucestshire GL14 2TY

Description: Addition of stone and trees into a lined channel at the Blue Rock Trail in Upper Soudley, Gloucestershire.

You can access the tender documents below and follow the directions therein to respond.



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