Get Involved

We are always looking for people who can help us.

Reasons to volunteer with us:

  • Take action and help restore your river
  • Health and wellbeing benefits from spending time outdoors
  • Learn about the Severn’s amazing rivers
  • Meet inspiring people
  • Develop new skills

To find out more about opportunities in your local area, and to get in touch with our team, head to our volunteer site.


Why donate?

Our rivers are in trouble and we must act now.  Migratory fish populations have declined by a staggering 93% in Europe since 1970. 40% of all rivers in England and Wales are polluted with sewage. A third of water taken from rivers is wasted (through leaks, treatment losses, and in the home). 

The river Severn and its streams are being choked by plastics and litter, blocked by dams, diverted by culverts, and poisoned by chemicals, animal waste, even human sewage. Banks are being overrun with invasive knot weed and balsam and eroded by livestock, damaging precious river habitats and increasing the rate of soil loss – a valuable finite resource which we must protect.  

The Severn Rivers Trust is a registered independent charity (Charity No 1134096). We rely on grants and support from the public to keep us going. 

Every penny that you donate helps us to continue our crucial work restoring the Severn’s rivers. 

Please support us today.

Ways you can donate:


Donate as much or as little as you can afford. Your contribution is valuable to us and will go directly into improving the rivers and catchment
across the Severn.
Our donations are processed by the Charities Aid Foundation.


Can you complete a sponsored challenge, or run an event in aid of your rivers?
For more information about the options for fundraising, please contact our Finance Team at

Support us through Amazon Smile

Did you know you can raise money for Severn Rivers Trust while you shop? To set this up go to Amazon Smile for details

Leave a Gift In Your Will

No matter how small, leaving something to us in your Will really makes a difference. By remembering the Severn Rivers Trust in your Will, you will ensure that nature has a voice for years to come. For more information please contact

Donations whether they are one off or monthly or even annual, really do help us undertake the work we do:

  • £3 will help us to provide learning packs for school children to find out more about our amazing rivers
  • £5 helps us provide equipment to volunteer Citizen Scientists who help us monitor the river
  • £10 can help us plant trees to create habitats, reduce flooding and store carbon
  • £15 will help us to run clean up days, and help fund the removal of dams which prevent fish from reaching their habitats
  • £25 supports our work building leaky dams that reduce flooding and support freshwater wildlife
  • £100 would help us to run the removal of invasive species to prevent them doing further damage to the water environment
  • £500 will help to fund water friendly improvements on farms such as rainwater harvesting and wetland creation
  • £1000 would help support our work to change river courses that have been straightened so that they have a more natural flow to support diverse wildlife

Hopefully you now know some of the important work we do to protect and improve the rivers, lakes and surrounding area across the Severn.But we can’t do this work without your help. The Severn Rivers Trust is a small charity and we rely on generous support from people and organisations. We work with many people across the Severn region already doing all sorts of things. If you love your river, why not get out there and help it out. Our motto is “We get our feet wet” and would love for you to come and help us.

Corporate Partnerships

The Severn's rivers need your help

Are you a business operating in the Severn catchment area? Your rivers need you! A donation of money, time or services will make a massive difference to our ongoing work protecting and enhancing the Severn’s rivers.

Benefits of partnering with Severn Rivers Trust

The Severn Rivers Trust are an excellent partner charity forcorporate sponsorship. We provide:

  • Expert knowledge and skills in river restoration, land and water management and community engagement
  • A wide network of influence – we are a trusted partner working with NGOs, businesses and government on a range of large and small scale projects.
  • A dedicated account manager to work with you on the corporate partnership process.
  • Unique experiences for your team, from seeing amazing river wildlife up-close, to supporting practical action in your communities
  • A boost to employee wellbeing by spending time outdoors, learning and taking action for their river.
  • A great way to develop employee skills – from the technical aspects of river restoration to the transferable essentials such as communication and teamwork.

Ways we can work together

  • Staff away days – our friendly and knowledgeable community engagement team have a wealth of experience running unique, fun and accessible river care activities from tree-planting to riverfly sampling, and from river clean-ups to fish monitoring. These help the river enormously, and are also great for team-building and staff morale.
  • Fun and inspiring workshops for families by the banks of the river which we can run for you staff and their children.
  • Sponsor the purchase of kit for our activities, or help us fund a river restoration project such as a fish pass or wetland creation.
  • Fundraising – this could include donating a percentage of profits to the Severn Rivers Trust, or organising events to raise money for our vital work restoring the Severn’s rivers.

For more information and to discuss ways we can work together – from a single staff away day to a bespoke annual programme of activities please contact us at