Leave a gift in your will

Leave a gift in your will

If we are going to reverse the catastrophic decline in our river habitats and species, we need long term vision and bold ambition. No matter how small, leaving a gift for us in your will really makes a difference. Your legacy will help ensure more fish in our waters, more sustainable land management and healthier river catchments for the future.

The impact we can have with your gift is huge. You will help us to:

  • Reopen migratory swimways for fish species
  • Restore river habitats and kickstart natural processes that help wildlife thrive
  • Tackle sources of urban and rural pollution
  • Improve how land and soil is managed to store carbon and reduce flooding
  • Create new wetlands, floodplain meadows and woodlands
  • Mobilise volunteers to take action for rivers
  • Inspire the next generation of river guardians

For more information please get in touch to discuss with our friendly team.