Nant Alan Land Management and Climate Resilience Project

Project Partners & Funders

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Start Date: 

October 2019

End Date: 

June 2023


Working with local farmers to improve climate resilience, habitat availability, flood regulation and soil quality.

The Project

The Nant Alan Sustainable Management Scheme project focuses around the small sub-catchment of the welsh uplands. We are uniting local farmers, NGOs and the wider community in a catchment-based approach which will encourage optimistic attitudes towards the environment and protecting and enriching natural resources. Throughout this project, there are abundant opportunities to collaborate with the local community including school groups to inform, train and educate and receive their input to the project in return.

The Nant Alan Sustainable Management Scheme project aims to substantially improve climate resilience, habitat, flood regulation and soil quality by increasing the number and variety of trees and shrubs through hedgerow and shelterbelt and woodland planting and management. Additionally, river habitats will also be improved by fencing the Nant Alan river and planting trees. The project will  focus on creating wetlands and improving water and stock management.

Signage and infrastructure such as stiles and gates will also be upgraded during the project to guarantee that existing public and permissive rights of way are open and able to be linked where possible.  There are also plans to develop and plan how to make better use of a forest school site at Coed Cae Gwynedd; a popular woodland used for walking to develop a recreational and community education area.

The Nant Alan Land Management and Climate Resilience Project is funded under the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme. Sustainable Management Scheme 2014-2020.

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