Blackminster Project

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Start Date: 

January 2022

End Date: 

January 2024


Restoring and enhancing the landscape within the Badsey/Broadway brook catchment.

The Project

The  project area covers the Badsey/Broadway brook and its surrounding catchment.  The brook flows into the river Avon, just Northeast of Evesham, which goes on  to join the river Severn at Tewkesbury. The dual aims of the project are to  improve longitudinal connectivity of the Badsey/Broadway brook across its reach in the Warwickshire Avon catchment, whilst enhancing the riparian  corridor and wider landscape along the way.

This  will be achieved via removal or bypassing of barriers to unlock the river for  fish, macro-invertebrates, and functional sediment transport. Biodiversity  shall be addressed by enhancing in-channel habitat and diversity along the reach.  The project shall also look at re-connecting floodplains, riparian planting  and fencing, wetland, and backwater creation. This will help reduce the  effects of agricultural run-off and poor land management on the brook whilst  enriching the ecology in the landscape.

Staff  from the Severn Rivers Trust have currently been supported in undertaking  walkovers of the catchment to identify opportunities and are working with  landowners and stakeholders to produce a ‘long-list’ of ideas which will be  fine-tuned with further landowner engagement.

Key targets of the project:

1.   To remove or provide easements for multiple barriers to fish passage on theBadsey/Broadway brook.


2.   Riparianfencing to reduce bankside poaching.


3.   To restore and enhance the landscape within the Badsey/Broadway brook catchment, building ecological resilience against run-off and land management, increasing water quality and biodiversity.

With thanks to our funders:

Environment Agency

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