Unlocking the Severn

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Start Date: 

September 2016

End Date: 

June 2023


Unlocking the river Severn to enable twaite shad and all other migratory species to be able to move freely.

The Project

Project aims:

·      Six major fish passes on the main river Severn and its tributary the river Teme

·      Helping the rare twaite shad and critically endangered Atlantic salmon and Atlantic eels to reach important freshwater habitats

·      Community engagement programme reaching millions of people – including high profile media coverage, activities for schools, volunteering, workshops and events

·      New destination for learning at Diglis Island, Worcester which will include the UK’s first underwater viewing gallery built into the fish pass

·      Cutting edge academic research to understand more about twaite shad including electronic tagging of fish, and counting numbers in the river with innovative Citizen Science data collection

Major successes:

·      Over 200 shad tagged – more than any other project in Europe

·      First filming of shad underwater

·      Site visits for school groups to meet the engineers building fish passes

·      River themed play area at Severn Valley Country Park, Shropshire highlighting the amazing history and wildlife of the Severn

·      River apprenticeships and work experience placements for young people starting careers in conservation, water management and community events

For more information: https://www.unlockingthesevern.co.uk/

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