Severn Woodlands Creation Grant Scheme

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Start Date: 

October 2022

End Date: 

March 2025


Through EA funding, here at Severn Rivers Trust we've launched our Severn Woodlands Creation grant scheme, aimed at landowners in the Severn catchment in England.

The Project

Severn Woodlands Creation Grant Scheme

No hassle for landowner

No cost to landowner for capital works and planting, this is paid for and organised through the Severn Woodlands scheme.

Paperwork for pre-planting consents completed by Severn Rivers Trust

Woodland design and mapping completed by Severn Rivers Trust

No lengthy application paperwork to fill in, simply liaise with Severn Rivers Trust, a landowner agreement will be sent to landowner pre-filled

Contractors undertaking capital works can be organised, managed, and paid directly by Severn Rivers Trust

Tree planting options

Native broadleaf species

Option for natural regeneration in areas with suitable seed source

Capital items, such as trees, guards, fencing, gates, all covered within the scheme

Landowner payments

Total landowner payment of £5,000/ha (pro-rata) split into two payments:

- First payment after completion of capital works of £2,500/ha (pro-rata)

- Second payment after a satisfactory 5-year monitoring visit of £2,500/ha (pro-rata)

Landowner responsibility

In line with the Landowner Agreement

Maintenance of trees during 5-year establishment period

-Vegetation management, either weeding, spot spraying or mulching, to minimise competing vegetation

-Beating up, or replacement, of dead trees to ensure a 90% success rate

For more information contact:

Becky Owens, Woodland Advisor

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