Caters Weir Easement

Project Partners & Funders

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Start Date: 

September 2022

End Date: 

October 2022

Project Completed

Reconnecting freshwater habitats on the urban river Stour in Kidderminster.

The Project

The River Stour is a vital tributary that flows into the River Severn. Through time the river has been heavily modified and polluted. The damage caused by industry continues to affect the river’s wildlife today.

The aim of the project is to increase fish passage on the River Stour in the Worcestershire Middle Severn Catchment within the urban reaches of the town of Kidderminster. Severn Rivers Trust have been working with the Environment Agency to design and build a solution to reshape the historic weir which is acting as multispecies barrier to fish migration.

Funding has now been secured from the Environment Agency, Natural Networks and Vp plc to allow these works to happen.

Fishtek Consulting were appointed for both design and build and works are currently set to start at the beginning of September.

With thanks to our funders:

Vp plc

Worcestershire Natural Networks Programme

Environment Agency

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