Help us to plant trees in the Welsh Severn Uplands


Lisa Barlow

Help us to plant Trees

This winter, the Severn Rivers Trust will be very busy planting thousands of trees on farms in the Welsh Severn. Sites for planting have been selected to make sure we can have the biggest impact for biodiversity.

Trees are amazing!

Planting the right tree in the right place is extremely important. With this work, we will be restoring and gapping up hedgerows, creating livestock buffer strips and shelter belts, and stabilising parts of the riverbank which are at risk of erosion. By focusing on cross-slope planting we will slow the flow of rainwater running off the land and into the river,protecting the river from flooding and pollution. The trees themselves provide shade which helps to cool the river water so that conditions are favourable for fish. Planting a mix of native trees for river environments means we are also creating areas of habitat for insects, birds and mammals.

Can you help?

We can’t possibly plant all these trees on our own! We will be running a series of volunteer action days over the coming months. This will be a fun and rewarding activity. No previous experience is necessary. If you want to find out more, or book a place then please contact Lisa on

This work is part of three projects in the region: the WyeIthon Severn Ecosystems (WISE) Project, the Cain Valley Sustainable Land and Water Management Project, and the Nant Alan Land Management and Climate Resilience Project. We are delighted to be granted 5000 trees, along with tree protection free of charge, thanks to a fantastic partnership with Coed Cadw, The Woodland Trust in Wales. Funding for the remaining trees, equipment, tree protection and staff time is thanks to the Sustainable Management Scheme,administered by Welsh government.