Volunteers needed to monitor the health of the river Cain


Dewi Morris

Call for volunteers in Powys, Wales

The Severn Rivers Trust are seeking a team of enthusiastic volunteers to help us monitor the health of the river Cain in Wales.

A fun free training event is taking place on 25 and 26 May 2022 (attendance required for both days). No previous experience necessary. All equipment provided.

What is SMART Rivers?

SmartRivers is the diagnosis our fish are depending on!

As a River Cain Hub volunteermonitor:you will be trained to sample the invertebrates in the river at yoursites twice a year using the Natural Resources Wales 3 minute kick-sweepprotocol and how to identify them and preserve the sample in alcohol.

Invertebrates are here to help

SmartRivers use the invertebrates sampled and identified as a test to understand more about the subtle pollutants 'stressing out' our fish. Invertebrates are easier and cheaper to sample than fish, and also show more revealing responses over time than the spot water samples used by water regulators.

Once all training is complete, volunteers will sample independently at the same four sites along the Cain twice a year, in spring and in autumn.

The species found in each sample will be uploaded to the SMART rivers open-access online data base which builds up details of the impact of organic pollution, nutrient enrichment, sediment, chemicals and flow stress in the river Cain.

When SMART Rivers have multiple years of data on the Cain, their policy team will work with hubs to take action, driving improvements to water quality at a local and national level.

If you would like to volunteer to be a SMART Rivers monitor on the River Cain Hub, please contact Dewi.Morris@severnriverstrust.com

You can read more about our SmartRivers work on the river Cain in this blog, written by Dewi for the Salmon & Trout Conservation Trust.