Mid-Wales farming community helps to plant 6,750 trees in the Severn Uplands


Lisa Barlow

Uplands tree planting

The Severn Rivers Trust are lucky to be supported by enthusiastic volunteers, who usually get together to help us to plant trees in the Severn Uplands. Sadly, this season has been very different, with major restrictions on group activities meaning we've had to cancel and postpone our plans.

Thankfully, help was on hand this winter from our friends in the mid Wales farming community. Farmers have provided shed space for tree delivery and sorting, helped to transport trees, planted trees with their families, paid for contractors themselves and helped us to find reliable local contractors for larger jobs.

6,750 trees have been planted to protect the River Cain and Guilsfield Brook, to gap up hedgerows, create new hedges and woodland, provide wildlife corridors and buffer river habitats from flood water and pollution. The mix of trees includes Crab Apple and Cherry to provide food for wildlife.

The Severn Uplands is an important area for spawning Atlantic Salmon and the provision of ecosystem services such as flood storage.

This work is part of three projects in the region: the Wye Ithon Severn Ecosystems (WISE) Project, the Cain Valley Sustainable Land and Water Management Project, and the Nant Alan Land Management and Climate Resilience Project. We are delighted to be granted 5,000 trees, along with tree protection free of charge, thanks to a fantastic partnership with Coed Cadw, The Woodland Trust in Wales. Funding for the remaining trees, equipment, tree protection and staff time is thanks to the Sustainable Management Scheme administered by Welsh government.

We are grateful to everyone who has been in touch to offer help and sorry that we were unable to run practical action days for volunteers this winter. We very much look forward to getting together to plant trees again as soon as we are able.

For more information on these projects, please contact Lisa on Lisabarlow@severnriverstrust.com.