Join in with the Big River Clean!


Beth Wilson

Join us for a week of activities to help clean up our streams and rivers #SpruceUpTheSevern

Join us for a week of activities to help clean up our streams and rivers in the Severn catchment and learn about the issues caused by rubbish and waste in our waterways.

In conjunction with World Clean Up Day, Severn Estuary Partnerships Big Beach Clean and World Rivers Day there will be a number of river cleans and litter picks taking place along the Severn and its tributaries from the 17th – 25th September. The event finale will take place at Tewkesbury’s ‘Whale of a Tale’ event on the 25th September where theatrical performances will be used to raise awareness of plastic pollution and a final river side litter pick will take place.

Rubbish, plastic in particular, in our waterways can cause serious issues. It is not only unsightly and spoils enjoyment of our waterways but it can cause problems for wildlife living in our rivers. It can also break down into harmful microplastics which become even harder to remove. Rivers are also the primary source of plastic ending up in our oceans; where the impacts are well documented and include microplastics getting into the food chain. Carrying out bank side litter picks and removing rubbish from our waterways can ultimately help reduce the amount of rubbish entering and being in our waterways and therefore reduce the harmful effects caused by it.  

No previous experience is necessary - anybody can get involved! For more information on our organised cleans, or for help with arranging your own clean, please contact Alice via You can also follow the progress of the cleans on social media using #SpruceUpTheSevern.